After your project is complete, focus shifts to getting people in the door. 

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We will oversee the design and development related issues with brand architectural and design teams.

Our years in the industry give us deep reach into the different brands and franchise opportunities.

Businesses need vision. We'll provide one along with the steps to get there.​

With constant moving pieces, Extended Hospitality Group will make you don't miss a step.

AT EXTENDED HOSPITALITY GROUP, our team will oversee the entire project planning & Design from beginning to End.

  • Beginning of the Project
    • Our team will work with our clients and investors with the selection of architects and engineers that fit the project's unique needs.  
    • We will use relationships built over the years in the hospitality industry to both match the project to the correct "franchisor" and help facilitate approvals.   
    • Extended Hospitality Group will oversee the entitlement activities, permitting, approvals, and vetting of legal documents.

  • Financing
    • Our team will prepare all preliminary aspects of financing - package for debt/equity, project budget and cash flow estimates, oversight of appraisal, lender screening and loan structuring, and finally lender selection.

  • Interior Design
    • Throughout our years in the hospitality industry, we have developed close relationships with individual interior designers and firms across the country.  We will leverage these relationships to select the right designer, provide expertise, and expand purchasing power in selecting a designer.  
    • Our work doesn't stop after putting the designer in place.  Our team will review all spec's and bids for work with the General Contractor and any appropriate sub-contractors.  
    • Working with the designer and General Contractor, we will select a design team and schedule the interior install.

  • Project Management System Components
    • Prior to selecting the right management company for the project, Extended Hospitality Group will oversee the selection of a few necessary components - electronic locks, energy control system, front desk equipment, telephone system and carrier, and high speed internet access options.