Our years in the industry give us deep reach into the different brands and franchise opportunities.

After your project is complete, focus shifts to getting people in the door. 

With constant moving pieces, Extended Hospitality Group will make you don't miss a step.

We will oversee the design and development related issues with brand architectural and design teams.

Businesses need vision. We'll provide one along with the steps to get there.​

After all the planning, comes the construction.  Our team will oversee all aspects of construction of projects

  • Construction Consultation​ & Supervision
    • Extended Hospitality Group will supervise all aspects of the construction and represent the owners best interests, which includes budgeting, oversight of progress, contracts, and procurement of goods and services. 
    • Through our years in architecture, we are experts when it comes to construction.  Our team will review progress plans issued from the architect and engineer at 80% completion.  This includes review layout, design, and functions of each room to ensure maximum efficiency of space and verification of operational needs regarding equipment and systems.  
    • We will verify compliance with brand standards and issue 80% progress plan review to architect and engineer to be incorporated into the final construction documents.
    • Our team will assist in coordination of design equipment related issues with brand architectural and design department.  This includes reviewing plans to ensure specific spaces will satisfy required equipment needs.  
    • Extended Hospitality Group will also maintain contact with the local Board of Health to review food prep and pool areas with compliance. 

  • Construction Phase
    • Extended Hospitality Group will provide any information regarding any systems or equipment as needed during the construction phase.  
    • We will coordinate brand inspection dates between general contractor and franchisor, which includes reviewing all materials necessary to verify compliance with brand standards - shower heads, anti-vortex drains, energy management systems, etc. 
    • To ensure construction stays on track, our team will continue to review the project schedule and critical dates.  This includes periodic on-site visits as required.
    • Throughout construction, we will coordinate with the architect, engineer, general contractor, and consultants, and oversee the final brand inspectors for certificate of compliance.