There are many details that go into a successful hotel opening. Extended hospitality group will be there to see you through it.

  • Hotel Opening
    • Extended Hospitality Group will plan the pre-opening and opening event coordination.
    • Working with the management company, Extended Hospitality Group will oversee the recruitment, staffing, hiring, and training of the staff.  This includes establishing employee manuals and human resources management processes.

  • Accounting
    • Our team will put together the initial annual budget, audit services, and in-house payroll services.  
      We will establish, maintain, and coordinate the implementation to prepare entries of accounting and accounting control procedures. This includes establishing and explaining billing, invoicing, and accounting policies to vendors and staff. 
    • We will recommend, develop, and maintain financial databases and computer software systems.
    • Working with the management company, our team will calculate and prepare all state and local taxes - sales, food and beverage, lodging, payroll, etc. 

  • Program Administration
    • Working with the management company and human resources, our team will help with the set up of employee insurance and assist employees as needed with the appropriate ID cards, documentation, etc. This includes finding the right medical, dental, and vision plans for employees.
    • Our team will establish the initial property and workers compensation insurance policies to make sure the property has the appropriate coverage.  
    • Working with Human Resources, we will establish the appropriate process for all guest claims, coordinate with adjusters, and the property General Manager.  
    • It is important to protect your investment. We will establish a property damage claims process and employee complaint process.

With constant moving pieces, Extended Hospitality Group will make you don't miss a step.

Our years in the industry give us deep reach into the different brands and franchise opportunities.

We will oversee the design and development related issues with brand architectural and design teams.

Businesses need vision. We'll provide one along with the steps to get there.​

After your project is complete, focus shifts to getting people in the door.