With constant moving pieces, Extended Hospitality Group will make you don't miss a step.

Businesses need vision. We'll provide one along with the steps to get there.​

After your project is complete, focus shifts to getting people in the door. 

Our years in the industry give us deep reach into the different brands and franchise opportunities.

We will oversee the design and development related issues with brand architectural and design teams.

With over 20 years in the hospitality industry, Extended hospitality group can connect clients with the right brand and franchise opportunity.

  • Brand Relationships
    • We will oversee all franchise negotiations, and work to match the property to the right brand.  With hundreds of brands in the industry, it is important to get the right fit.  
    • In addition to negotiating for the right brand, Extended Hospitality Group will oversee any necessary improvements as part of the negotiations.

  • Vendor Relationships
    • Extended Hospitality Group will leverage their relationships with vendors to extend credit where appropriate and set up accounts.  

  • Existing Properties
    • Part of attracting the right brand is showing that your financial house is in order.  Extended Hospitality Group will advise all potential clients on market, operations, and financial management of the property.  
    • We will preform SWOT analysis of property to identify opportunities for growth.
    • Our team will secure bank assets and assure unpaid bills, open loans, and employee issues are promptly resolved.  At the same time, we will secure, protect, and account for all property assets.  
    • Within 24 hours of engagement on a new project, Extended Hospitality will be onsite within to communicate with the franchiser, provide transition direction for all vendors and staff, establish solutions to address any deferred maintenance and take steps to ensure housekeeping standards are appropriate.  
    • Extended Hospitality Group will position the property for